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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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kissing another man. shortly after finding out clementi jumped to his death from the george washington bridge. >> secretly gay tyler jumped to his death on december 22nd, 2010. after his roommate robby used the web cam to tape him kissing another man. then posting the video online. >> i think people's privacy should be respected and it wasn't so i thought it was messed up. >> it broke my heart. i started crying because i have been in his shoes. >> robby was sentenced to just 30 days for cyber bullying.
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was in the charged in connection with with the suicide itself. >> when you see somebody doing something wrong tell them that's not right. stop it. >> sometimes the prank is dressed up as a righteous sting. >> because there is child predators out here all over the place trying to get kids to meet them to have sex. it's a very scary situation. >> during the early 2000s, nbc was flying high with highly popular to catch a predator series. premise, to catch men seeking online to meet underaged children for sex. >> this 53-year-old is bringing candy. >> did you bring my m&ms? but what he has in mind isn't so sweet. >> working with internet watchdog group, nbc lured the member to a house where they were ambushed on camera. >> said on the internet doesn't mean what i really think. >> that would be easier to believe, jeff, if you didn't show up here tonight. >> then they were arrested by
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police waiting outside. >> trust me, it will never happen again. >> if there is nothing else you have to say then you are free he to walk out that door. >> he walks outside and is arrested by that camouflaged officer. >> police, stay down. >> the show was a ratings dream until tragedy struck. >> it was a texas prosecutor. he was allegedly chatting online with somebody that he believed to be a 12-year-old. that, in fact, it was this plant, sort of from this organization called perverted justice. >> in november of 2006, a former north texas district attorney, 56-year-old lewis conrad, shot himself when cops confronted him after the sting. which brings us to radio. the home of more pranksters than any other media. in this prank heard around the world. >> yes
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>> it came across the most closely watched pregnancy of the 21st century. >> the nurse was a i have. prank call pregnant duchess has been found dead. >> she was found near the hospital this morning. william and kate say they are deeply saddened to learn of her death. >> gullable nurse on duty at london's king edward's the seventh hospital. when her heinous was admitted for morning sickness. helping out on the desk when the two audit strallian dj's called pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles >> assured that their royal majesty was on the phone. reveals private details of kate's condition. >> i want to see how her little tummy bug is going. >> she is sleeping at the
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moment >> >> understandably mortified she had helped them get details. she then killed herself. >> we can confirm that she was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. >> facing severe and incendiary backlash over the hoax. the station profoundly apoll devises and suspends indefinitely the djs involved but the station rejects the allegation that their prank is what caused the suicide. >> no one can reasonably foresee what actually happened in this case. it's incredibly every one of us are deeply saddened. we are incredibly sad for the family. >> the franksters invaded the
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pregnancy of a sick woman who happens to be a princess. are they responsible for the woman's suicide? probably not. still they have plenty to be sorry for. >> the pluck humiliation simply amplifies that feeling of shame and makes the person feel that not only what do you know? >> well, to be honest, i think it's quite clear that there probably was something more going on with the nurse's life. but i think she was obviously struggling to cope with what she has done. there has been a great feeling of anger throughout the country here. what a week it has been for the duke and duchess of cambridge. starts off with fantastic week saying that kate is pregnant and ends up with the death of
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the nurse. very very sad indeed. >> is the public satisfied with the suspension of the djs or do they want more to be done. >> to be honest it's not looking good for the dj's or the radio station at the moment. a lot of people why aren't they -- at the moment. they have gone into hiding. twitter accounts have been deleted. they are suspended indefinitely. the radios had to pull a the lo of advertising as a result of major backlash from major australian companies. a lot of people are saying -- on the other side of that geraldo they could not have possibly foreseen such a tragedy would have wanted ha. it's a bit of mixed reviews right now. as you can imagine the press is dominating this story and probably will do so for a few more weeks to come as further things are being resolved. >> how is the duchess doing? what's the health news now that she is leaving or has left the hospital? >> as everyone all knows she was in the hospital for acute
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morning sickness. a lot of rest. she has been reported to be feeling a lot better. she has cancelled three of her next engagements so she is resting very well. we did see prince william at an event this evening without her, of course. so, under doctor's orders she is taking it very easy. she is resting as she is supposed to. >> in terms of these prank calls adora are there calls for regulation? >> well, i mean, in the u.k. we have governing body. if you want to do a call in this country you have to get written permission from the person you want to wind up to actually be allow the call to be broadcast and go on air. australia does have similar rules. i think the radio station definitely has broken some rules and i think we're going to have to it with a and see how that pans out in the next few weeks. >> thank you. royal watcher there i appreciate it thank you very
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much. >> thank you very much. >> we wish the duke and duchess the best. we debate you decide. is it voter fraud or voter suppression. mike huckabee our pal has advice for the president on how to avoid taking us over that damn fiscal cliff. marijuana is legal in washington, soon to be legal in colorado. wait until you see what they are selling. would gun control really have saved the life of the woman killed by her football-playing boyfriend? all coming up. music: "make so" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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>> i'm trying to make sure that our voices are heard. there is is a lot of people that turned in ballots that they are not being counted and they are just being disregarded and i feel like that's unfair. >> you get fired up about it because if you are really interested in politics and democracy. you want the system to work. it's clear that they t. just didn't work correctly. >> i don't find it hard to believe that there neighborhoods in the united states where president obama got 97 to 97 a% of the vote. the turnout level strikes me as possibly suspicious. philadelphia has been a place that's had some pretty irregular election procedures in the past. >> we had a lot of people come out on election day, so that's great. what i want to do now is sit down with the secretary of state and say how can we improve this. >> with sometimes scary sometimes shaky claim of voter fraud and lawsuits of voter i.d. six and seven 8 hour waiting lines this was ugly
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contentious election. one of the rising stars of the republic party pushed through a tough photo i.d. requirement in his state. we will talk to chris about it. niger the racial quality believes that efforts to crackdown on voter fraud are actually aimed at cutting down votes. so niger, welcome to you, secretary kobach welcome to you. secretary to you first, is this one of a certain magnitude or really is a solution chasing a problem? >> well, there is no question we have voter fraud pockets of it all over the countrifully kansas, even where you know, you wouldn't knowsly think of there being a long history of voter fraud we had 235 cases that we had identified before we put this photo i.d. law in place. in this last election the photo i.d. law which as you mentioned is the one of the toughest in the country worked well. 2.2 million cast ballots. of those only 838 forgot to
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bring a photo i.d. to the polls. that et cetera fewer than 1 in 1,000 voters. they were giive provisional ballots. they came n the vote of election and make their vote out. to date we are not finding anyone who actually didn't have a photo i.d. the bottom line is it's a common sense easy way to prevent some forms of voter fraud and it is a fact that exists. voter fraud is very real in the america. >> you said 235 claims of voter fraud who is making this allegations. >> he'll 235 verified cases been reported between 1997 and 2010. >> and you so -- so you had reported to whom by whom? are they real? are you sure of that? >> yeah. well, and these reported to the county clerks and the cases that couldn't be, you know, were not credible were not included.
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credible reports of voter fraud to the county clerks or to the secretary of state's office my predecessor and my office. you know, the bottom line, geraldo, people sometimes approach it this way. they say well, how many cases of voter fraud is enough to worry about? you know, i would say look, as long as there is any voter fraud of any significance, that means that a close election can get tipped one way or the other. we had a couple of state legislative races this year where fewer than 10 decided the winner or loser there was one exact tie it had to be decided by a coins to. when it is that close, the slatest amount of voter fraud can steal the election. most americans want to know if it's close we want to be sure that every vote was fairly cast. that's what the kansas law does and some of the other states are moving in the same direction. >> niger, congressman rachel, what's wrong with secretary kobach just suggests, we only want legit voters to vote, right? >> actually, i'm going to surprise you, i actually agree and i think that first of all hello to you and to chris.
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i think what chris is doing, i think it's called the safe act in kansas. is a good thing. one principle reason is for those individuals that find it difficult because of economic circumstances or because of geography i believe the kansas law, the kansas state law and various other state laws address that and deal with that. i think individuals that can get a voter identification and have an economic challenge to do so then the state has the moral obligation to provide them with that. once that is done i have no issues with voter integrity including voter identification. >> when we heard just that michael barone in that clip that we showed that in philadelphia, for instance, we you had 97% 99%% black pretickets niger voting are for the president that he
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smelled a rat. >> was there a rat or overwhelming mandate for the president. >> i think it was an overwhimminging mandate for the president. i think those who charge voter fraud have the much obligation to not just throw it out they have the obligation to prove it that doesn't mean that photo ids aren't necessary. i believe they are. the efforts to use technology and common sense laws to promote voter integrity are necessary they are. the fact is i blame more of the stupidity of the republican party for writing off the black vogt by writing off turf outsnubs andover whelming numbers for president obama. not because of fraud that may have taken place. it was much more because the republican party completely, in this election cycle completely wrote off. >> you can help me out here? my mom is 93 years old. she is proud of voting.
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she doesn't drive anymore. she has no photo i.d. what's she going to do? >> one is in kansas if you are 65 years or older she can use expired. she can using that expired license from the 1960's if she has got it. if she is permanently disabled we have a special category for disabled voters who can't get to it a state office to get a free photo i.d. niger is right we provide a free photo i.d. to anyone who says i don't have a photo i.d. make sure no one else is fraudly claim to be multiplicity of part-time geraldo her her got to leave it there up nixz you will hear from the donald on whether he has any regress regagagagaga
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>> how are you feeling in the wake of the election? >> well, i feel like somebody won the election and did he a great job. and the republicans just didn't resonate with the people and lots of reasons and lots of different theories but certainly they did not resonate with the people they didn't get out and vote. and you have a president and you have to give him president as vince lombardi said win something everything. >> what do you say about the president's birth certificate. didn't you take that a little far? >> i don't think so. >> why fight every fight? >> because i love it. >> you don't let anything go unremarked? >> right. i love it. i can't help it. it's a personality type. i don't know. i don't know if it's a good personality type. but i love doing it. >> donald trump tried famously to fire barack obama but as you know the president prevailed and one of the blanks in the president's platform was that taxes should go up for people making
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$250,000 a year. so is increased taxes inevitable for those 2 percenters. let's ask who better than the former presidential candidate himself our favorite former presidential candidate the host of his own hit radio and television shows the author most recently the dear chandler dear scarlet a wonderful book. governor mike huckabee joins us. so, elections have consequences. we're fond of saying. is that a consequence? will be the 2% be paying the additional tax. >> they might. i guess the real question is what is it that the president's to achieve by this? if it is to reduce the deficit, it won't happen because if they take that money it, may run the government for 8 days. so we're not talking about an amount of money that's really going to fundamentally change either the ability to fund government or reduce the deficit. is it because he wants to punish people at the top? why? what is that to him? that doesn't help people at the bottom. if it did, then it could be justified. and i guess the president has
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yet to explain other than fair share if you think about it top 10% pay a 7% of all the federal taxes so what is a fair share? >> geraldo: but that is what he campaigned on isn't that in itself its own justification be it -- albeit that it is 8 days out of 365? >> i think what he campaigned on certainly thats with a one of the things that he hammered of but hes said he was going to get the federal deficit down and federal spending under will cro. he said he was going to take on freely transparent. talk about a president who has broken campaign promises. what he needs to understand that his job is not it campaign anymore. find something that can be agreed upon. what do you think about that tom kohl of oklahoma that let's not hold the 98% hostage to the 2%. let's go along and agree right
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now with the democrats that the taxes for the 98% are going to stay at the bush era level? >> they might do that if the democrats would put something equally concrete on the table, which they have not. they said they were going to say yeah, we have some reductions in spending. what are they? is there. >> geraldo: can you imagine what january is going to be like if indeed we fall off the cliff on january 1st. then you have the debt ceiling negotiations just six weeks away. what's it going to be like. is the government going to be basic live shut down in a sense even distonguesal even more than it can be. i hope that doesn't happen. the president seems more intent on punishing republicans than resolving the problem. i'm not trying to be overly partisan here, geraldo. when he should have been sitting down face to face in a private room with john boehner and/or mitch mcconnell and hammering this thing out. building a relationship, building trust and trying to pull people together he was at
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a toy factory in pennsylvania. talking about the campaign modes and that's not how you negotiate and resolve these sort of issues. >> we know that barack obama speaks for democrats who speaks for republicans nowf? >> i think john boehner is the closest thing to a republican voice. he holds let's say the key to the lock. he is the most powerful republican in congress. my feeling is boehner wants to work something out. he has got to go home not only to his own constituents but every republicans in america and some in the house who aren't easy to pull along he he imant go to them and given up that tax bracket for the 2% and theying say what did you gte mr. baker? nothing yet. he can't do that with a straight face his own party will crucify him over that. >> over 50% that we fall off? >> i wouldn't have said that two weeks ago today.
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i think that's probably right and it's unnecessary. >> geraldo: hopefully he will mine sift the speak and he will have something more substantial in h 2 o. >> i hope so. >> great to see you geraldo. >> was it the lack of gun control or confession that caused nfl player to commit suicide. see what the newly legalized pot industry in washington state and soon in
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>> you really believe this story? usama bin laden. >> yeah. >> what part convinced you? >> her confidence. >> if you are right, the whole world is going to want in on this.
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people killed in libya being arrested by cops rather than killed by our commandos, fox news reporting just this past week the alleged leader of a terror network suspected of participating in that fatal attack on our consulate in benghazi was detained by egyptian authorities in chaotic cairo. jamal abull ahmed terrorists arrested in connection with with the murders. what does our own colonel oliver north think about arrests versus assaults? fox news military analyst author of this fine new novel heros proved joins from philly where his navy just snatched victory over army. colonel, congratulations, so are you satisfied with what looks like a law and order approach to getting the people who killed our people in benghazi the arrest at the airport in turkey, now you have got this fellow ahmad being arrested in cairo.
2:33 am
what about it? >> first, congratulations to the navy team. i have got underneath my i had to bring my navy sweater. >> what do you wear camo pajamas? >> cam fallujah. the capture of jamel amad good signs. mid 40s, he has been a member of the egyptian jihad. he had been jailed by mubarak. he had been eliseed -- released in march. muslim brotherhood. it's a good sign he has been arrested. i think it's great that we prosecute the persecutors. the real problem in this is giving credit to morsi and his regime, which is making a desperate bid for absolute power there just like mubarak is not necessarily a sign of a reawakening of let's say law and order in egypt simply because they really in no choice. we are the ones who fingered ahmed. we found him through u.s.
2:34 am
spedges means. we notified the egyptian services and essentially put him on notice that unless you do something now to take this guy, in and he may well be the ringleader of the attack on 9/11/12 in benghazi, take him in you can find the funding the united states giving you cut not necessarily by the administration but by people like john mccain who have a lot to say over how much is going to be spent. good sij i wouldn't go you fork on this yet. >> i prefer that to the approach for example the israeli secret service just offing the guy, just assassinating some of these people once we i.d. them and are convinced that they participated in the murder of our people? >> you are very kind to point out this book. this scenario that you described is in this book. there is something in this book that talks about the propriety the good judgment of using, for example, assassination as a means of
2:35 am
carrying out if you will protection against terrorism. we have now used what we call incorrectly, of course, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles firing hell fire missiles to kill american citizens in places like yemen and pakistan. the fact is we just didn't have one on scene that could deal with ahmed. we should have perhaps could have. the bottom line of it is that process is not necessarily the best way to deal with terrorism. perhaps the best way to deal with terrorism is to take in ringleaders like jamal abu ahmed and find out more about their networks through human intelligence than it is to simply rely on signals intelligence which is how we tracked this guy to begin with. >> heros proved. colonel oliver north's fine new novel, get it. it's worth it. colonel thank you again. congratulations. go navy. >> oliver by the way for signed copies in times for the holiday. >> hale holidays and merry christmas. this, folks is a fox news
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alert. just hours before he was supposed to be on his team plan to cincinnati with the cowboys playing the bernankes tomorrow. dallas nose tackle josh brent was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter following a late night high speed chase that killed his teammate 25-year-old jerry brown. convicted once before of drunk driving brent now faces between 2 and 20 years behind garcia bars. brown's death as you know the second recent player involved tragedy last week kansas city chiefs linebacker javon belcher killed himself and girlfriend after bizarre circumstances after domestic dispute that raised questions from everything from concussions to gun control. craig now reports on the man who plays ironically for the very same high school team, football team that craig and i play for. >> how are we doing tonight, man? >> december 1st. 3:00 a.m. after a night of hard
2:37 am
drinking. javon belcher is seen on a kansas city police dash cam video being questioned after cops get a 911 call of a suspicious person sleeping in a black bentley. >> after learning belcher plays for the kansas city chiefs. officers allowed to leave without citing him for dui because they say he was not driving. >> belcher thanks the officers and enters the building with britney glass, the woman he reportedly spent the night with lives. eventually he goes home. there is he confronted by long-time girlfriend 22-year-old cassandra perkins. when their dispute escalates belcher in a rage shoots her repeatedly. >> belcher's mother shepard telling 911 operators her son has shot the mother of his 3-year-old daughter. before fleeing heir home at 8:00 a.m., he arrives in the
2:38 am
parking lot of the chief's practice facility. there, after thanking his coach with police in route belcher commits suicide. >> a makeshift memorial was ejected a javon belcher's childhood home here in new york. his friends and family garr together and reflect. more news is released as details of the death come out that belcher, after shooting his girlfriend dissed her and then apologized. >> news of the murder suicide sent shock waives through the hitting us were the two of us. we attended the same high school and played football for the eagles. i spoke by phone to dr. elise. >> what is it like when you have a tragedy such as this, a lentd crime occurring with one you know and love? >> i am shocked. i can't -- the young man that i knew could not have done
2:39 am
this. i don't know what caused it. >> javon killed cassandra with one of 8 handguns he legally owned. the tragedy prompting a passionate argument over gun control by sports anchor bob costas. >> but i was talking about a gun culture. >> javon belcher's suicide murder raised the right to bear arms. many people asking for gun laws. rick freidman who runs the rtsp range here in randolph, new jersey, disagrees. what do you think? >> i totally disagree. javon belcher was an unfortunate incident but it wasn't gun violence. it was domestic violence. i think he woe are focusing on the wrong thing. they complain their second amendment right to bear arms unchallenged whenever there is a high profile shooting. rick rick enjoys sharing the joyce of sports shooting. >> empowering.
2:40 am
more porpoise for women it's empowering it's a great equallingizer that you are that you have the fact that it can take a life is pretty overwhelming. >> i don't disagree. we want people to turn that around and want people to use that to protect a life. >> he agreed to debate gun controlled a have a cat. >> it was -- advocate. >> harder to buy under president reagan than president obama. that suggests we have gone too far the other side. you look at the whole bob costas situation it's about domestic vehicle lent not gun violence. the one hold intoed a gun was his girlfriend et cetera. >> that's the opposite. more people that are armed there nor likely cross fires. to regulate the ingun somebody owns. regulate the people. >> regulate the people. well, javon belcher had guns why do so many nfl players
2:41 am
have some guns? >> it's really a good question. you have some and they will is i, you know, with money combings fame and with game comes jealous i didn't, regard of what you have andenned take what you -- they feel the gun is the great imlol imoolizer. >> guys 6'5", 325 pounds, he is not going to get mugged on the street. i appreciate it. >> once bob costas stirred up that media storm business had comments on gun control. others jumped in and said the role culprits was damagage that. rubbing back for the new york giants. either of those. too early to speculate what happened with his brain or history of mental illness. we do know that javon belcher did have a concussion two weeks ago and severe enough that it kept him out of the
2:42 am
previous week's game. and then he was self-medicating obviously, you know, when you do that, you put yourself in a mental state that you are really not controlled up. left of center there was reports he was out grinking and partying so grunk had you to live in his car the night before he went home and his gill friend and ultimate live shot him sflt. it can't be wrapped up in this is what happened. >> would you lead your child play. i was with myer kids when junior assad my boys asked me why did he do that? i said said when you play the game of football you are us is accept cybil to concussion. sometimes you get too familiar you get this dark matter in your brain and starts deteriorating parts of reason and impulse control. and then when things get really bad, if you get depressed you may feel like you want to kill yourself. and when they get older and
2:43 am
they really have to decide whether or not they are going to play this game that's all i can do is let them be honest with them and make their decisions. my 10-year-old had a contusion this we're that's when my parent says you cannot play this plawrt. that is what happens on the little league, high school and even college level. >> his own 10-year-old not going to let play of football. is, florida trying to frame is, florida trying to frame george zimmerman in the florm try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it.
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make your mark with ink from chase.
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may have a defamation case against nbc case took a major hit showing george zimmerman's badly beaten case which indicates his claim of self-defense may not be so farfetched after all. joey jackson on the left. former prosecutor lis wiehl on the right. that picture looks
2:47 am
self-defensish to me. it's horrible that he this didn't turn it over. the only thing can i say in the prosecution's defense is maybe they did not have the color photo. >> is this the old days when it took you six months to develop the film. >> i know. the other thing though everybody is calling it a new photo. it's not a new photo. it's the same photo. it's just what they had first in color. and as we know in color is going to be much greater. >> two issues. number one, doesn't it make the self-defense argue. resonate? >> yes. of course it does. >> number two, doesn't it look as if the prosecution attempted to withhold critical exculpatory evidence? >> yes it does. >> joey? >> as for the picture, i think the prosecutor can make the following argument. so what? okay. so what as to what. of course he has bruising. of course his nose looks like it's broken. of course there is blood. what does that tell you? does that indicate who the aggressor was? does that indicate that he didn't deserve what he got? does that indicate that
2:48 am
trayvon martin should be fatally shot and killed at his hands? it does not show that you can spin it multiple ways. the prosecution is going to say to you it does not matter. >> put that picture back up. double picture. you tell me whether or not that digital color photo is exculpatory, tending to prove self-defense or not, i will tell that you it is exculpatory and yes, geraldo, it could be viewed that way. however, it could also be viewed simply because you have a photo which seems to suggest that there are injuries does not mean that the shooting was justified it means there was a fight. it means that it escalated. >> precisely it means there was a fight and the narrative has been spun to make it look like he stalked this teenager. >> that's the whole stand your ground law. this case is going to come down to the stand your ground
2:49 am
hearing. >> should the prosecutor be sanctioned for withholding that photograph. >> there is reasonable argument to be made why it was not turned over initially it is problematic. >> i had open file discovery. >> of course. >> no self-respecting prosecutor would sprez that for these many, many months allowing a narrative deeive because ever the racial in this country. >> it's going to happen because the suit is there. he is not going to prevail. news organizations cut and splice things. they can't put everything out there. that's going to be the defense. however dishonestly. >> geraldo: two people have already been fired at nbc. >> that's not proof of anything, hearstd, you know that. >> that's what they are going to argue exactly what lis said? here is the other side of it. you have to show knowledge of falsity or disregard.
2:50 am
malice, there is a good argument to be made that they edited it in a way that would suggest that they wanted to demonstrate he was racist. >> i have got an easier way. no defamation. intentional infliction of emotional distress. >> that's a harder claim to make. you have to show extreme outrageous. >> geraldo: no civil judgment. probably innocent in the criminal -- >> -- defamation may be intentional intention. >> i want to talk pot. voters in colorado and washington legalizing marijuana. the buzz could still be wrecked by the feds? does that worry the initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete.
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introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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>> geraldo: 3, 2, 1. does not mean the federal acontrol act can still be waged by the feds on does not mean the war could be waged on pot smokers and sellers seattle by the director of hemp fest mcpeak and denver managing director of dixie edibles trip keebler. get it? you first, hemp fest, what is it and are you happy? >> hemp fest is the world's largest annual can business reform event. we get about 1 can any business into you thattists come out without incident. these laws are fixing a problem that doesn't exist and he we are really excited that washington state has taken a huge step forward tore equality and liberty. >> what i understand could've production are you going to sell besides the old roll and smoke them if you have got them. >> good evening, geraldo. it is a manufacturer of infused products.
2:55 am
primarily the aspect being thc providing euphoria to patients here in the state of colorado and hopefully elsewhere. >> geraldo: did you bring any displays? >> i did, indeed. i have a small displal of some of our various products which would include medicated elixirs, 12-ounce medicated elixir would provide the equivalent of 40 milligrams of thc to a consumer or patient. we also have sublinguals which are under the tongue. glis seller based elixirs. earlier this month we launched a medicated mint which is socially acceptable. we are excited. >> wait a second, trip. you have these products so you can get stoned without smoking. just put a thing like a mint as you say and it hats thc and you get loaded, right? >> well, we do focus on products that provide euphoric aspect or psycho aspects of medical cannabis.
2:56 am
we will be focusing more on consumer related products that is correct. all of our products do provide generally state of euphoria to a patient. >> geraldo: state of euphoria to a pancht are you afraid the feds might not pay attention to the state law? they have the absolute right to ignore it, you know. >> geraldo, american taxpayers have been investing $42 billion a year to prohibition. the return on invest. has been that marijuana is everybody and america is the largest jailer per capita in the world. we are hoping the obama administration will take opportunity on second administration lame duck working on legacy to say hey, the voters -- the citizens voted in these two states. let's let the states work it out. >> geraldo: that's vivian mcpeak and trip keebler weren't you a federal prosecutor in that very office? >> i'm going to tell you they are not going to let this go and happen in the state. no, the feds can come in, as you know, as you just said and trump anything that the state does. >> controlled substances abuse act into federal law? >> right.
2:57 am
when i was a federal prosecutor we had a zero tolerance program came in from the border of canada. put in jail for a day. record was expunged. little bit of a sign. >> >> do you think the fed are going to do that even the majority. >> attorney's office, yes. >> you have got 18 states passing medical marijuana already. a third the american people. isn't the writing on the wall here, this prohibition of marijuana is over? >> i really think is, look. you do as he says federal government. look if we pass a law. our law it is superior to you, state law. at the same time, it's a question, geraldo, of enforcement. does the federal government respect the rights of a sovereign state to govern their own citizens. i say they should and they will. >> you say they will respect the rights. >> they will will respect the rights. >> i disagree. you can't let people. >> lis joey jackson, trip >> lis joey jackson, trip keebler joey twins. i didn't see them coming.
2:58 am
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